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Basic Maintenance for your Heating System

Updated: Feb 21

First things first do you have a boiler or a furnace? The easiest way to tell is if you see ductwork; it's a furnace as pictured below.

For furnaces, we would recommend having a semi-annual maintenance contract. If you're a DIYer, the easiest thing to do is change the air filters on your ductwork every six months at a minimum. There are countless times when customers have not changed the filter regularly and the fan motor ends up getting burned out because it has to work harder to function correctly with more of a restriction in the airflow.

A ducted furnace
Furnace with a air conditioning coil

If it is a boiler it will have copper (hot water) or black iron pipes (steam) running in different directions as pictured below. For a steam boiler, the easiest thing to do is skim it. Over time, the boiler will accumulate particulates inside the piping and that will end up building inside the boiler itself. Therefore by skimming the boiler, you will increase the life of the equipment.

a six zone hot water boiler
Hot Water Boiler

A steam boiler with a Hartford loop
Steam boiler

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